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Ronnie Harrison

"Coach Auguste played a key role in my development as an athlete but more importantly as a man. While playing basketball under coach Auguste he taught me what it really meant to be a man and the true meaning of brotherhood. He helped me mature as a young man and really opened my eyes to the world and what it really is. I believe my experience with coach Auguste has made me the man I am today and it has helped on the football field as well. I enjoyed every moment spent with coach Auguste and I can say that I am truly blessed to have had a role model like him in my life!"

~Ronnie Harrison, Former Safety, The University of Alabama/Jacksonville Jaguars/Currently for Cleveland Browns

Landus Anderson

"Coach Auguste man.. Coming up, he was nothing but a genuine and caring coach to me. He taught me to be a warrior on the court, through his tough workouts, forcing me to bring my best me everyday, and through his tough love. He showed me tough love and it was that very tough love that I needed to push me to the next level in my game. Whenever I seriously wanted to work on my game, he was there for me, sacrificing and giving his all. When working out with him, I didn't always necessarily love his drills or workouts, but I knew it was what I needed to become the player that I wanted to become. Even with my condition, I learned from him to never cheat myself, never make excuses, never take the game for granted, and that the sky is the limit. He never let me half step. As I have matured as a player, I realize that all he said and taught me was what I needed. Though he was tough on me on the court, off the court, he treated me like his son. I learned from him to treat everyone with love and whenever you could help someone out, to do just that. I'm sure if I were to call him right now he'd be there for me. This man is a mentor to me and many others. I am a college ball player, an icon in my hometown, and a God fearing man. I would not be the ball player and man that I am today if it wasn't for all the influence that I received from Coach Billy Auguste. Thank you for everything man. Nothing but love!"

~Landus Anderson, G, former SG, University of St. Francis/Currently a Law Student at Florida State University

Derek Bundage

"Tough love is the best love which is exactly what Coach Auguste gave all of his players. He wasn't only a great basketball coach but he was also a great mentor. He would give lessons about basketball but he would always find a way to relate it to life. He actually cared about his players and he devoted his time and effort to us. He has been a great influence on my life even till this day. I appreciate everything he has done for me, not only to become a better basketball player, but more importantly become a better man. And I applaud him as he continues to make a difference into young people's lives as he did for me. It was a pleasure to have been coached by him and I'm sure any other player would say the same."

~Derek Bundage, former PG, Pasco-Hernando State College/Business Owner of Bundage Logistics Services

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